Network Server Unit

Versatile server ensuring optimum reliability to maximize network availability for an aircraft environment where space limitations exist.

Key Benefits: 

  • Platform for hosting communication management services to support
    • Telephony systems
    • SATCOM systems
    • Application messaging services
    • Interface to aircraft avionic buses and ACARS
  • Platform to perform network management
    • System BITE collection
    • Configuration management active agent for ground database
    • FOQA / Maintenance data aggregation
    • Onboard wireless LAN management (see VT Miltope’s Wireless LAN products)
  • For use as network server
    • As a proxy server, allows network devices indirect network connections to other network services
    • Supports RADIUS, DNS, and DHCP server applications
    • Flight crew website
    • Aircraft maintenance website
  • For use as file server
    • Hosts files on network (see VT Miltope’s Network Attached Storage)
    • Content management & delivery via FTP, SAMBA, or FTS
    • Flight crew website
  • Available with Aircraft independent I/O middleware
    • No software development or program pins required
    • Enables common application deployment across mixed fleets with ARINC 429 avionics
    • Server applications access Generic Aircraft Parameters via SNMP (per ARINC 763)