ST6800 Vehicle Integrated Communication System

Workgroup communication that’s fast, effective and reliable. An advanced IP-based integrated voice and data communications system, the Vehicular Integrated Communications System (VICS) ST6800 is designed to facilitate workgroup communications in both tracked and wheeled combat vehicles. VICS is designed to operate in harsh tactical environments and provides the ideal infrastructure when you need reliable voice and data communications. It provides a high bandwidth capacity and unparalleled versatility. VICS also serves as the backbone for integration to a suite of platform C4ISR sub-systems for the modern battlefield.

  •  Dual 1 GB IP based distributive Ring Infrastructure
  •  Supports Voice and Data Communications
  •  Enhanced Voice Services
  •  Radio Control and Radio Cross Banding
  •  Alert Systems
  •  System Redundancy/Survivability
  •  Communication Processor Server