Airborne Telephony Server

Ideal communication application platform for Ethernet based network installations on both production and retrofit aircraft.

  • Aircraft-independent I/O enables common application deployment across mixed fleets.
    • No APM or program pins required.
    • Aircraft installation defined one-time using simple configuration tool.
    • Thereafter server applications access Generic Aircraft Parameters via SNMP (per ARINC 763 Attachment 15).
    • Common application platform for Boeing and Airbus (incl. A380) families and all other aircraft with ARINC 429 avionics).
  • Multiple qualified server configurations:
    • CEPT-E1: for SA TCOM and CTU (2 channels) with programmable Digital Signal Processing to support unique analog interface requirements;
    • DSP Coprocessor: Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for VoIP, voice transcoding, encryption/decryption or other highly process intensive tasks
  • Offers all of the features necessary to support
    • Crew and/or Passenger web services
    • Network services to support GSM and CDMA Telephony and Voice-Over-IP