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VICS2-US Vehicular Integrated Communications System

Mission critical communication that’s fast, effective and reliable. An advanced IP-based integrated voice and data communications system, the Vehicular Integrated Communications System (VICS2-US) is designed to facilitate workgroup communications in both tracked and wheeled combat vehicles. VICS2-US is designed to operate in harsh tactical environments and provides ideal infrastructure when you need reliable voice and data communications. It provides a high bandwidth capacity and unparalleled versatility. VICS2-US also serves as the backbone for integration to a suite of platform C4ISR sub-systems for the modern battlefield.

VICS2-US Features and Functions:

  • Dual 1 GB IP based distributive Ring Infrastructure
  • Supports Voice and Data Communications
  • Enhanced Voice Services
  • Radio Control and Radio Cross Banding
  • Alert Systems
  • System Redundancy/Survivability
  • Communication Processor Server