WiZ-Knight is a USB powered IP encryptor dongle that enables the user to leverage on public Ethernet/IP infrastructure to connect to multiple sites in a secure manner.  It employs AES algorithms for data confidentiality, Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) for integrity protection, as well as Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocols for keys derivations and authentications.

The remarkable characteristic of WiZ-Knight lies in its mobility;/small size which enable it to be carried anywhere easily.  Its convenience is further extended by its WiFi capability, which enable it to connect to public access networks where registration is required, e.g. Hotel, Aiport network.


Key Features:

  • USB powered IP encryptor dongle
  • Supports WiFi/LAN connections
  • 20 Mbps throughput aggregate
  • Supports AES algorithm for data confidentiality
  • Supports 2 concurrent IPSec tunnels
  • Suitable for Public Networkws requiring registration
  • Support Multi-Authentication Softkey or cyptographic Smartcard