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cTWLU Cellular Terminal Wireless LAN Unit

Wireless gateway from an aircraft LAN to a ground based LAN Configurable profiles that include; SSIDs, QOS, security, and filtering for customized network and user group setups. Python scripting is available for adding customer capabilities. Data transfer applications include: FOQA, EFB, navigation information, flight charts, weight and balance, weather maps, fault logs, cabin maintenance, Inflight Entertainment (IFE) multimedia.

cTWLU Features and Functions:

  • ARINC 763 compliant design
  • Based on nMAP2 hardware
  •  IEEE 802.11a/g/n/ac
  •  Compact, waterproof design
  • Secure interactive WEB based interface to software management tool
  • Proven reliability, No maintenance required
  • Software upgradeable to support evolving security, connectivity, and authentication protocols
  • cTWLU antenna (ordered separately)
  • Open standards based solution for hardware and software