The SPORT/MSD help desk is maintained for the Federal Government under Contract DAAH01-01-D-0060 (MSD), W15P7T-05-D-B201 (MSD-V2), W15QKN-09-D-0031 (MSD-V3), and DAAH01-96-D-0021 (SPORT) . Please refer to the information provided with your MSD or SPORT for the toll free number and contact information. The information can also be found in the system properties section on the Desktop.

All MSD computers are warranted for 63 Months from Date of Manufacture (DOM) found on the identification plate on the bottom of the unit.

All SPORT computers are warranted for 60 Months from the Date of Manufacture (DOM) found on the identification plate at the rear of the unit.

Standard terms on the manufacturer’s warranty are based on individual contracts. Please contact Customer Service or Product Support personnel if you have a question or concern about the warranty status of your equipment

For more information, please contact:

ARMY Help Desk
Tel: (877) 564-1137 (7:30 AM – 5:30 PM CST, M-F)
Note: For reasons other than Army Help Desk contact VT Miltope through their normal contact methods (1-800-MILTOPE, 334-284-8665)