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SRNC-17 G6 Semi-Rugged Notebook Computer

When it comes to getting down to the business side of tactical computing, nothing beats the fully rugged product line of Miltope. With its first new semi-rugged workstation, Miltope combines the best in business rugged performance and fully rugged protection to achieve new standards in mobile military computing. It’s the best of both worlds. When the mission requires high performance in a field environment, Miltope’s semi-rugged workstation answers the call.

SRNC-17 G6 Features and Functions:

  • Windows® 10 Professional 64 bit OS
  • 17.3” High Resolution Display
  • High Capacity Solid State Disk Adaptability
  • Dual Storage Capability
  • Expandable Media Bay Options
  • Security Feature Options
  • Enhanced Chassis Ruggedization
  • Thermal Management